Fall Newborn Lifestyle Session


November 1, 2018

Look at his face!! I mean seriously?! Newborn perfection right here, ladies and gentleman! Mr. Nolan was on his best behavior on his newborn lifestyle shoot. I gave him a little pep talk before we began and he was a good boy and followed directions! His one request…snuggles and milk. Can you blame the little man?!

This family has a home nestled in the canyon near Wolf Creek, close to Luke’s work (professional fishing guide…killer job)! I can image they have quiet afternoons of rocking away with the sun spilling over the mountains above into their home near the river. It is here where I pull up to a cute white home with bright orange pumpkins on the step. I carefully knock on the front door to not wake the sweet bundle inside.

Crystal’s mom and dad were visiting from Pittsburgh. They greeting me with smiles and to be quite honest…they saved the day… Between holding the diffuser to block light and fixing the mystery of my all-the-sudden-violently-shaking SUV (did you guys know that there are weights on your wheels that can fly off?!)…these guys are kind of my heroes.

Sweet Nolan didn’t make a PEEP. He was the best little man! I think he knew this was his debut! Cuddled close, full belly of milk, he gave me sweet eye contact the whole time. What a stud!

After our sweet little shoot, Luke took me out to my car and showed me how to fix my problem and quite frankly, made me realize how much I still have to learn about cars…Funny how we just keep learning and living in this crazy thing we call life. I can’t wait to watch this little one grow up!

A very special congrats to this mom and dad!!

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