quick facts about me

You won't find me pretending my life is a highlight reel--definitely far from it! I'm all about keeping it real, folks! Life isn't perfect and neither am I!

I'm a Joanna Gaines recipe junkie & I have an unhealthy addiction to Olive Garden's Alfredo Boats, both of which make me suffer through CrossFit every week.  




End capping at Target

Sitting in a sunny window

Slow moving traffic

Not getting enough sleep

Running out of creamer

That first sip of a latte

+ My husband and I met and married in 10 months

+ I'm a stay-at-home mama-- FINALLY!!

+ I asked my senior photographer if I could carry her bag to a wedding, and started down this photography journey when I was just 17 years old

+ I still shoot film at weddings--the creamy images are my favorite

+ I wish I liked working out, but I question my life choices when I do

quick facts about me

I'm a believer in Jesus and I am so thankful for his amazing grace. He has blessed me with an incredibly beautiful life and 3 healthy children. I love to use this talent that he has given me so that I can love and serve others.   

My Values

my life &

I'm not a dark and moody photographer--
in fact quite the opposite. After losing my mom to melanoma when I was 30, I realized that life is serious enough. I'm out to find the joyful moments that leave a smile on your face when you remember the moment in the photograph. 

modern and minimal

my style

I'd like to say I enjoy sipping on fine wines and spirits, but Montana has turned me into a craft beer fan. I love all things brewed by incredibly talented artists that had a crazy dream of starting a brewery here in our great state.

happy hour drink

my go to

I remember babysitting at a neighbor's house and staring at a refrigerator covered in incredible portraits, thinking, "I want to take pictures like that one day." I shared that with them, and they gave me a film camera and a mentor photographer who believed in me enough to let me carry her bags at a wedding. The rest is history!


why i became a

I cannot love a season more than summer. Give me all the sunshine, watermelon, and sand between my toes. It fills my soul with incredible joy. I'm a huge proponent protecting my skin after losing my mom to melanoma. So in her honor I always remind everyone to wear their sunscreen!

is summer

my favorite season

I have seen over 15 countries and see more. My heart and soul will always be in Laguna Beach, California. After growing up in California, this place holds such a special place in my heart. Memories of my childhood are around every cove and park, and it fills my heart to stand on the beach and have the ocean tickling my toes. 

place to visit

my favorite

Or are you on the I-Doubt-My-Husband-Would-Ever-Do-That team? One of my favorite parts of a photoshoot is when I turn the camera around to show you the magic we can create together--the awestruck reactions are priceless! 

If you think that this sounds exciting and want to chat more, I sure hope you scroll down and reach out to me

Does the thought of a successful photoshoot make your heart flutter? If not, it should!

believe it or not...a photoshoot can be fun

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!