Helena Newborn Lifestyle Session


August 15, 2018

This shoot was supposed to happen sometime in July…Let’s just say Mr. Lee wanted to bake a little longer…But, boy oh boy, he was worth the wait!!

The morning of the shoot was a beautiful 77 degrees. I dropped my kids off at daycare and started driving out toward the causeway to meet the newest member of the Wood family, Lee James. I enjoyed following the most gorgeous MapQuest directions–ever! This house is nestled next to the most scenic views of a certain body of water which will remain secret (I promised I wouldn’t give away their gorgeous home location–or else everyone would move there!).

I pulled up and opened my Four Runner door only to find the sweetest, gentlest, happiest golden retriever on the p.l.a.n.e.t., Miss Laney Lou. You. Guys. This dog almost jumped in my car and told me to take her home and that she would love me forever if I take her on endless car rides and feed her jerky treats….Okay, this didn’t really happen, but I really wanted it to, because she was SO darn sweet!

When I arrived, Mr. Lee had just been given a full belly of milk and his mama was glowing with happiness. Surrounded by family and with a full tummy, we started capturing this sweet new soul. He was SO good!!Good gravy! How did this mama and daddy luck out with two sweet children (albeit one is furrier than the other)?! Lee must have known this was his debut…he was absolutely perfect!

Congratulations to this mommy and daddy! You guys are in for the best adventure of your life! I’m SO thrilled to have been there for Lee’s first photo shoot!


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Lifestyle Newborn Session, Helena, Montana

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