Romantic Fall Maternity Shoot


November 12, 2018

To be clear…this shoot was 34 degrees. In November. In Montana…And this mama-to-be showed up with a smile on her face and was ready to freeeeeeze. Should I add more ee’s on that one? If you were there…you’d agree that word needs at least three more. But can you tell from her beautiful smile? Nope. She was full of joy and was up for tromping through tall grass in freezing temps with her sweetie at her side.

These two are only weeks away from meeting their sweet little son. I can’t wait until they get to feel one of the best sensations on the planet…looking into their child’s eyes for the first time. If you’re a parent–you know what I mean. For those of you who aren’t…oh goodness. You are in for such a gift. And the greatest part is, that look is just the beginning of firsts. Firsts that will fill a lifetime. A lifetime that is so much more rich and full than you ever could imagine.

Cooper and Jessie, I am so thankful you trusted me to capture this special season for you. You two are perfect for each other and your little boy is going to have such an adventurous life with you two at his side. I’d like to say this is the best part…but you just wait. He will be.

Congrats you two!!


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