Missoula Fall Engagement Session


October 26, 2018

These two. They met over extra tickets to a college football game, and their love grew ever since. Zach and Kara met me at his family’s business in downtown Missoula on a bright and crisp autumn morning. The sky was clear blue and the leaves looked like confetti covering the quiet city streets on a Saturday morning.

Earlier that morning, my sweet husband agreed to load up the kids and himself in the truck so that I wouldn’t lose out on precious weekend hours with my little ones (God bless him)! He drove us west, toward Missoula, as the sun crept up on the continental divide to welcome a brand new day in beautiful Montana.

When we met that morning, Kara brought so much energy and excitement to their shoot. If a girl could glow–she did! If I am being honest…engagement sessions give me a renewed sense of love. Every. Single. Time. These two did that and more.

We walked the park where they spend their free time together, and what’s more special–we got to shoot in one of their favorite spots in their hometown–the Washington-Grizzly Stadium. I mean, come on!! Did that seriously happen?! Yup. We twirled, skipped, ran a few plays, and pretty much enjoyed the freedom that comes once in a lifetime with having a playground that can house over 25,000 people all to ourselves. We held nothing back…we were like school children let out before the recess bell…(If you’re from the college administration and you’re reading this…THANK YOU…and know that we were super respectful, giddy, school children that followed all the rules).

The session ended on the cobblestone path where they both have walked many moons before (and still do). Kara’s name is etched their forever on a brick settled in the sidewalk, and now, they have these images to add to their ever-growing campus story.

Congrats you two–I cannot WAIT for your New Years Eve wedding!! Cheers!


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