Want to just grab a cup of coffee and chat all-things photography? Meet with me for 1 hour online or in person to get all of your questions answered one-on-one
with me!


Ever want to have someone with you to teach you first hand on site? This 2 hour in person shoot will allow you to have me teach you about lighting, location, camera settings, and posing.


 This hybrid class & styled shoot will show my entire process from booking to delivery in this 4 hour mentorship on elevating your client's experience from beginning to end!





Do you want to learn how to elevate your photography? With over 20 years of photography experience, I'm excited to educate others!

let's do this!

The only way I have gotten to where I am is because of incredible mentors! Learning from the best both in-person and online has allowed me to quit my day job and do my dream job full time.
I'm here to share with you what I have learned!

I have been photographing people since 2004, starting with a very dear mentor who let me carry her bags to a wedding, and the rest is history!
Ever since that first wedding, I realized just how important education and experience is to becoming the best photographer I could be. 

As a former teacher, I understand the beauty of sharing knowledge.

I am now offering photography and business mentorships! Whether you are a novice photographer that is anxious to learn about your new camera, or you are a seasoned artist who wants to elevate your brand, I'm here for you!






I'm so Glad you're here! 




Do you want to learn how to elevate your photography?

Come see my all time
 favorite gear!

The best of the best systems to run my business!

These programs have helped me immensely for my business!

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my business Gear

Canon r6

Pentax 645

SEkonic 358


Hands down, the most incredible camera I've ever owned!

They don't even make these anymore, but so fun to shoot!

I don't ever have to guess my metering with this tool!

My bread-and-butter for so many years! So creamy and dreamy!

Here are all of the tools and equipment that have blessed my business so much that I was able to leave my full time job! Just know, I will earn a small commission (thank you!!) if you click on the link and purchase the product that I love. This means the world to me and I thank you for your support! And the best part...

You will LOVE the products too! 

What's In My Bag

canon speedlite

I have three of these 600 EX IIRTs for weddings!

Umbrella Lighting Kit

Very simple kit that is easy
to set up at weddings!

Wescott Light Reflector

This diffuses the light so well and super easy to use!

Flash Diffuser

I use this on almost shoot!

San Disk SD
64 GB Card

I like to shoot with
64GB cards!

Multicard REader

I lock this to my camera bag
to keep track of my cards!

I like this reader because it has both SD & CF cards.

Lexar Card 

Easy to take to weddings to back up my cards quickly!

Card carrying case

Canon 85mm

My all time favorite lens! It
rarely leaves my camera!

Canon 100 MM Macro

All those dreamy ring and baby toes shots!

One of the most versatile
 lenses I own!

Sigma 50 mm

sigma 35 mm

Works great for tight spaces and big groups!

Canon EF 70-200mm

My wedding work horse!
Love this lens!

I have had this bag for years!
 I often use it on every shoot!

Lowepro camera bag

Think tank Airport bag

I can't shoot a wedding without this bag! Simply the best bag ever!

KElly Moore Bag

This "Weekender" bag is gorgeous! I even use it on vacations too!

ona camera bag

Perfect small bag for small shoots or a vacations!


This website building company
is like family! Love them!!

Adobe Lightroom

Literally changed my career! Easy to use editing software!


This is my customer communications system I use! It's all organized and easy! 

Blog stomp

I use this for every blog I write! It stomps photos together seamlessly for you! Super fast!

Cloudspot gallerys

Delivers all my galleries and
allows my clients to print too!

Life-changing culling system
that transformed my workflow!

Photo Mechanic

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