Dustin and Jen are near and dear to my heart. Dustin was actually IN my wedding almost ten years ago, and Jen has brought so much light and joy into his life, which as ultimately spilled into mine. It’s funny how some people make a way into your life and become an integral part of […]

Helena Wedding– Fort Harrison

August 26, 2019


You read that right: The girl next door. I’m lucky enough to have this beautiful girl and her sweet sister as my next-door-neighbors. Yes, we won the lottery. From Ryann and Mariah buying them a bucketful of gifts at Halloween to their dad and mom lending us a hand with building tricycles and giving us […]

The Girl Next Door

August 22, 2019


I like this tribe. Pretty fun group. Have you ever met someone that you’re immediately like, “Yep. You’re my people…”? That’s this family. Andrea is actually a good friend of my sister-in-law, but if we lived closer, I honestly think I would jump into that friend circle and love every minute of it. And their […]

Montana Family Sunset Shoot

August 15, 2019


One of the most rewarding things for me taking pictures is when I share the back of the camera with each senior. It’s amazing to see each of their faces light up when they glance at my screen. Some even say, “No way! That’s not me!!” This reaction is my favorite–Yes, it is you!! You […]

What Makes Me Keep Shooting

August 14, 2019


Kyli knows how to bust a move…she’s been dancing since she was three. Let’s just say that I was born with no rhythm…so there’s that. I have always envied girls who can dance with their whole heart and bust moves that I would never dream of attempting…Yup. That’s this definitely Kyli and her friend Jamie. […]

Summer Vibes Senior Session

August 12, 2019


Lifestyle family sessions are not your typical family session. They are a much more laid back, go-with-the-flow type of shoot. I LOVE these because the amount of pressure exponentially decreases for both mom and dad–and if I’m being honest–with me too! And the photos reflect that relaxed vibe. This mama and daddy knew that they […]

Why Choose to Do Lifestyle Family Session?

August 12, 2019


Good things come to those who wait. That saying couldn’t be any more true for Chris and Madi. Not only have they been together for four years before their wedding day, but they also had quite the week leading up to their special day. Only days before their wedding, a man shooting tannerite targets started […]

Summer Star Ranch Wedding

August 5, 2019


Talk about talent! This girl is an athlete! I have heard so much about her from coaches I work with, and they all say the same thing–she was born to be an athlete! Let’s just say I had to use Julio the Stoolio the ENTIRE shoot…she’s just about half a foot taller than me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ […]

Athletic & Stylish Senior Session

August 2, 2019


COLOR! Finally!! I have been telling all of my seniors how over the past few years I have been craving some color! It has finally arrived!! I’m loving all of the bright and fun back drops I am finding to go with their awesome outfit choices! Keep them coming!! Speaking of outfit choices…wowza. This senior […]

Colorful Summer Senior Session

August 1, 2019


I have been having so much fun with my seniors this summer. And what I really love about them is that they are all SO nice and fun! This shot was actually Geri Lynn’s idea. We fought dusty traffic to get this shot, and boy I’m glad we did! I love when my girls (and […]

Roadside Senior Session

July 31, 2019

images by Kelly Van Dyke Photography