Senior Week: Style Tuesday


April 9, 2024

Welcome to Senior Week where I share all my best tips and tricks to ROCK your senior session! Today is Style Tuesday!

If you’re like me…I need a few tips on being stylish. I wish I could say that I was born to see style and what goes together with what. Nope. This definitely doesn’t come naturally for me. However, over –I can’t believe I’m going to say this– 19 YEARS of photographing hundreds of people, I have realized that a few tried-and true tricks can help! Gosh I feel old….

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Being Comfortable = Being Confident

If you are pulling down at your shirt or tugging at your sleeves, it’s highly unlikely that you will a.) enjoy your shoot and b.) enjoy your photos. Why? Because, science has proven that a person remembers how they FEEL during an experience, and when one looks at an image, they remember those feelings as soon as they see the picture. If you are constantly irritated or uncomfortable in the clothes you are wearing to a shoot, you will associate those irritable feelings with your photos, and ultimately not enjoy them.

An easy way to like your photos and have a good time? Wear clothes you love that you feel confident in! Extra points? Choose clothes that cover up any areas of insecurity if you have one!

Colors and Patterns Matter

I always advice my clients to steer away from graphics on their clothes—unless it is meaningful for them. Any type or text in an image can be distracting, and no one wants any attention to be away from the subject! Same goes with busy or distracting patterns. If you have an outfit with zigzagging lines or multicolored stripes—this can be difficult to photograph.

Instead, choose colors that fit your personality. Are you a muted, earth-tone type of girl, or do you enjoy the pop of bright colors? Do you like the muted pastels, or do you enjoy the dark tones that remind you of fall? Think about what type of style or feel you want your photos to have. This is a good start!


Bring all the bengals, hoops, and tassel earrings–or Porsches!! Do you have a statement necklace that would stand out in your photos? How about a hat or scarf? There are so many opportunities to make your images unique with accessories! It doesn’t stop with just jewelry—add layers! Think about a jacket or vest that you could bring, or maybe a cute blazer or kimono. Props like old beach cruisers or umbrellas can be a fun touch too! Or how about an ice cream shoot?! The sky is the limit!

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