Senior Week: Location Thursday!


April 11, 2024

Location, Location, Location!

Senior Week: Location Thursday! I’ll be honest…when my kids fall asleep in the car I take the opportunity to scout fun and new locations. I will also say that this is the one thing that stresses me out the most before a shoot! I’ve learned over the years to find great locations that fit my subjects, but also I have finally realized…a location doesn’t make my shoot–my subjects do.

Knowing this, I have kept a list of the best-of-the best locations that my clients can pick from–all categorized by time of day and whether or not the spot is rural or urban. This is a great tool for a lot of my clients, but I always love new and fresh ideas from them as well!

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Private Locations

Do you have access to a spot that has an epic view? Or how about a spot that is not an ordinary location, but you think would be neat? Share these ideas with your photographer! Nothing is more fun to find a spot that hasn’t been shot in before! Do you have a property on a lake, or maybe a spot on a beach that you love? Give us the deets and your photographer will be excited to try out somewhere new!

Urban vs. Rural

My seniors get to choose two of their favorite locations. I always recommend choosing one in an urban or city location, then save the other for a rural or country location. This way it gives you a wide variety for your senior gallery, as well as time to get some water and a snack onto your next location. When my seniors switch locations, it is also a great time to replenish lip gloss, makeup or change up the outfit or hair. Share your vision with your photographer so they can make a shoot plan according to the light and location choices.

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