This year was a doozy. Anyone else feel like they were just drinking champagne watching the ball drop in Times Square for 2019?! Who am I kidding…I was shooting a New Years Eve wedding in Missoula, Montana that night, but you know what I mean. With all the craziness, this year went so incredibly fast! […]

Revisiting My 2019 Business Goals

December 7, 2019


I love Thanksgiving and everything that surrounds this time of year. Gratitude. Thankfulness. Blessings. This time of year is good for the soul. I love that the weather turns cold and makes our hearts warm up. I always slow down this time of year and I am thankful for that in itself. I need it. […]


November 28, 2019


I waited two years to buy my plane ticket. Two. Years. I watched online hour after hour, week after week, and year after year. “No. Don’t even entertain the idea. You are swamped with your day job, you have two young kids who need you–there’s just no way you can make this dream a reality.” […]

Showit United 2019 Conference

November 23, 2019


I shifted my 4-Runner into 4-wheel drive as I turned onto Ali and Brent’s road. The snow was softly falling as my windshield wipers tried to keep up. Snow-covered pine trees and quiet homes with porch lights on lined the country road as I made my way to meet 4-day-old Sawyer. As I drove up […]

Snowy Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Session

November 14, 2019


I had never met Kevin until the day of their engagement shoot. Abby was all smiles as she described him during her wedding consultation, and I was anxious to meet him for the first time. Everything she was telling me about him made me smile and my heart was full listening to her admiration of […]

Montana Winter Engagement Shoot

November 1, 2019


Those first few weeks of having a newborn are so incredibly moving, transformational and let’s be real, exhausting. You look forward to having a child for months (and sometimes years), and then all of the sudden you are thrown into the world of being a parent. And you leave the hospital with a tiny human […]

Floral Newborn Lifestyle Session

October 27, 2019


How do you have a successful family shoot?! Well, it takes a lot of thought and excitement and then I take care of the rest! Here are my tried and true tips for a great family shoot: 1. Clothing Is Everything I used to think that clothing had little to do with the quality of […]

5 Tips for a Fun & Relaxed Family Shoot

October 18, 2019


These two are perfect for each other. Both first grade teachers, both from the same home town, both kind as EVER. Like a lot of my clients, the weather forced us to reschedule their original date for their engagement session. That ALWAYS stresses me out, because I know couples put some much time, effort, and […]

Helena Sunset Fall Engagement Session

September 29, 2019


The morning we woke up it was foggy. Probably not something a senior envisions for their senior shoot…but me?? Oh, yeah!! I was SO excited to see some fun weather challenge move in, and to be honest…I couldn’t have planned it better myself! A few days prior, I drove by this field thinking, “Oh, my […]

Sunflower Field Senior Shoot

September 16, 2019


That top picture is one of my allllll time favorites I’ve ever taken…and you betcha it was on film! All of the sunset photos in her white dress were shot on film. And when I say film, I mean like medium format (645mm) old-school-ten-pound-film camera kind of film. I am in LOVE with my new […]

Montana Maternity Sunset Session

August 29, 2019

images by Kelly Van Dyke Photography