Sunflower Field Senior Shoot


September 16, 2019

The morning we woke up it was foggy. Probably not something a senior envisions for their senior shoot…but me?? Oh, yeah!! I was SO excited to see some fun weather challenge move in, and to be honest…I couldn’t have planned it better myself!

A few days prior, I drove by this field thinking, “Oh, my word…” I quickly knocked on the rancher’s door, but no no one answered. I went back to my car to find a pen and a measley paper to write a message on. Finding nothing in my car to write on, I ripped off a part of my vehichle’s registration paper to leave a note begging to use their sunflower field for Sarah’s shoot.

Days went by and I didn’t hear anything. I was so bummed. I decided to drive back over there and knock one more time. When I approached the door I saw my note still stuffed between the door and the frame–exactly where I left it days before. I smiled and crumpled up the paper before I knocked again.

A beautiful blonde woman opens the door with the biggest smile on her face. Enter Tina. She was so gracious and kind and was more than willing to let us use her sunflower field for our shoot. Talk about the sweetest person ever–I ended up doing a sunrise sunflower shoot just for her and her sweet, Jake–watch the blog–sooo romantic!

Sarah was such a trooper. We had to reschedule a few times for her to get her session before the yearbook deadline. I am SO thrilled that she was able to get such a unique foggy look in such a special location. Can’t wait to see what this girl does with her life! Have you heard her sing?! HOLY SMOKES. Gives me goosebumps every time!!

Congrats on your senior year, Sarah! Enjoy it!! It goes too fast!!

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