Summer Vibes Senior Session


August 12, 2019

Kyli knows how to bust a move…she’s been dancing since she was three. Let’s just say that I was born with no rhythm…so there’s that. I have always envied girls who can dance with their whole heart and bust moves that I would never dream of attempting…Yup. That’s this definitely Kyli and her friend Jamie. They have been dancing together for years, and during the shoot you could feel their bond. Jamie mentioned she was leaving for college in 10 days, and my heart kind of hurt for them, because that IS one area that I know very well…saying goodbye to friends as life leads you down different paths.

I have actually met a lot of seniors who have had to say goodbye to their older friends as the leave for college. They are worried what they are going to do this year without their tribe by their side. You know what I say to each and every one of them? BE that friend to a younger classmate. Now it’s your time to be “the older friend”. You are now a senior! Everyone looks up to you! What are you going to do with that kind of responsibility and status? I hope that you will use it and enjoy it!

Congrats, Miss Kyli! I’m not worried about this KV Spokesmodel! She seems like one strong and fun girl! Just my cup of tea! Enjoy your senior year, girly!!

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