Montana Maternity Sunset Session


August 29, 2019

That top picture is one of my allllll time favorites I’ve ever taken…and you betcha it was on film! All of the sunset photos in her white dress were shot on film. And when I say film, I mean like medium format (645mm) old-school-ten-pound-film camera kind of film. I am in LOVE with my new camera.

You see, I am not just jumping on the bandwagon of what’s “in” right now. Shooting film isn’t for everyone. It’s heavy, it’s expensive, and it’s frankly kind of scary (but that’s really my favorite part). You don’t get that instant satisfaction of looking on the back of the screen to see if it turned out. You actually have to wait one to two weeks to get it back! But, boy oh boy, it’s worth it!

I love the sound of film. It brings me back to how I actually started this journey. Yep. I even had my own darkroom. Now years later, I can send the film off to my awesome lab and they do all of the developing for me. Film captures light so. much. better. than digital. I liken film to a painting. It grabs all of the details and creates a smooth and soft portrait, which is a big change from the crispness of digital. Both are incredible, but my film has my heart. With only 16 frames to get my shot, it makes me slow down and be much more intentional in capturing moments.

Moments like these are why I do what I do. Andrew and Kensie…I cannot wait to see you two as parents!! I am SO happy we got together to do these!! You are about to embark on the most wild and rewarding ride of your life! Congrats you two! You will love it!


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