Helena Sunset Fall Engagement Session


September 29, 2019

These two are perfect for each other. Both first grade teachers, both from the same home town, both kind as EVER. Like a lot of my clients, the weather forced us to reschedule their original date for their engagement session. That ALWAYS stresses me out, because I know couples put some much time, effort, and excitement in the weeks leading up to their session. Me too–you guys!! But you know what is incredible? Every time we set another date, it ALWAYS works out for the better!

The spot I picked out for these two had me giddy with excitement. I wanted the sun to be setting behind them as we finished our session and we GOT it!! God is so good! We were blessed with lots of sun–and wind…But you know what? You have to just embrace it. Don’t fight it, because you will never win. 😉 These two were so gracious the whole time…

  1. They climbed a very steep slope for their first location with smiles on their faces
  2. They endured windy hair whipping in their faces
  3. They took pity on me when I locked my keys in my car and drove me to the second location–not my finest moment
  4. AND they drove me home after it was all done

Could they be any more giving? I don’t think so. I sure can’t wait to walk along side them on their special day next year. What a gift it will be!!

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