Best of 2019: SENIORS


December 20, 2019

Senior year in high school is such a milestone. To be able to hang out with all of these optimistic, joyful, and excited people makes my heart so happy. They fill my soul with so much hope and joy. They are on the cusp of life where one decision can can change their entire life’s trajectory! I sure didn’t realize how pivotal my senior year was when I was 18!

Not only are you making life choices that will take you on different paths, but you also are making lasting friendships that you will carry into your early adult years! My all time best friend and I still text and send each other little gifts and laugh about our fun times we shared in high school. It’s the last year of childhood and the first year of adulthood–all wrapped up in one school year! Wow!

My best advice to seniors is to try and enjoy it. I know it’s a lot of work, but it will all be worth it–I promise! It’s the last year you are all together, and I promise you one day you will miss it! Hard to believe, I know, but one day you will see!

A BIG thank you to all of my KV Seniors! There are over 200 photographs in this blog post! I tried to include everyone, but with so many shoots this summer, forgive me if I missed yours! You all truly mean so much to me! I feel so honored to have been part of your senior year!

Love you guys!



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