Best of 2018: Seniors


December 27, 2018

2018 was a breakthrough year for me concerning shooting seniors…I never really thought I’d want to dive into the world of seniors, but after last year…senior photography is my jam! I think that I finally found what makes my heart flutter again and I am planning on diving in even deeper for 2020 seniors! I couldn’t believe how excited and energetic upcoming seniors are about everything–it was so rejuvenating!

Enough chit-chat. I want to celebrate these amazing individuals and personally congratulate them all on being almost 1/2 way done with their senior year! I wish them all THE best in life and I am so excited to see where they all end up! Here are my favorites from the 2019 senior season!!



CONGRATS to ALL upcoming Seniors–in a few short months you will be on your own and done withyour senior year!! ENJOY the journey!!

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