Winter Engagement Session, Helena, MT


January 9, 2020

This engagement session made my heartso happy. Cole Fuhrman and I have known each other for years. His family moved next door to us when he was about four years-old and I was their babysitter for many years. Memories of playing with him and his sister made me smile while I edited his ENGAGEMENT session! How is this possible?! How did he get older, but I haven’t?! 😉

My favorite memory of growing up with Cole was the day his father, Mark, about gave me a heart attack. He came home early and drove into his driveway to discover us completely wet from head to toe, covered in mud. Cole and I had spent our afternoon running and sliding in a ditch near their home, and let’s just say–we were having a grand ol’ time. Soon, I looked up and my heart dropped as I watched as Mark drive up slowly and park his truck by the house. He didn’t say a word to us, instead he just ran inside.

I wasn’t expecting his dad to be home soon and I thought we would have hours before he came back to clean up! Gathering my emotions, I prepared myself to face the music for making his kids a complete mess, when he came running out with his camera! Mark quickly snapped pictures and laughed at us while we stood there soon realizing we weren’t in trouble. I was SO scared, but today, I look back at that moment and giggle, because it was one of the quintessential moments of childhood. Totally and disgustingly dirty, but oh so happy.

Now he is off to start a new life with a wonderful gal, Georgia! They are truly perfect together! Cheers you two!!!


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  1. Her students says:

    MEOW! Mrs. Furman need to hang these photos up in the classroom. I WILL PRINT THEM OUT TO HANG THEM IN THE CLASSROOM!!!!!!

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