How to Rock Your Senior Session


April 30, 2019

Can you believe it?! Senior year is FINALLY upon you!! If anyone knew how hard it was to get there—said every senior that EVER lived…

The good news is that it is your turn! Now starts the fun part…looking forward to the summer of your senior year, late nights out having fun with friends, eating Dairy Queen all day every day (sorry, just me?), and yup, you guessed it—time to think about your senior pictures!

Ok, I know that not every senior looks forward to getting their pictures taken, but after you read this, I promise it won’t seem so bad. Hang with me and I’ll show you the best tips and tricks I have learned after shooting over a 100 seniors!

Know Your Photographer

This seems slightly ridiculous, but seriously—get to know them. Check them out on social media, follow along what they have on their blog. Talk to your friends and see what they thought of him or her. Does it sound like someone you might want to hang out with for 90 minutes, or do you think your personalities might not mesh so good? Does he or she have a good sense of humor while they shoot, or are they more serious in nature? Be sure that you choose the one that fits YOU and your personality the best!

Know Your Style

Do you gravitate to dark and moody lighting with serious Vogue-like expressions, or do you lean more toward bright and colorful images that feel fresh and joyful? Nothing is more disappointing to get your images back and you don’t love them, because they are not you, or don’t even come close to your style. There truly is a photographer for everyone, just make sure you choose a photographer that has the same shooting style that you prefer.

Know What to Expect

What I have learned over the years is that my seniors (and their families) really appreciate to know what to expect with their senior photography experience with me. They are more educated on the ins and outs of how, where, and why I shoot the way I do, as well as what to wear to ensure they look their best. I am super transparent and thoughtful as I prepare each shoot to customize it to each senior, and lots of planning is involved to keep you in the loop!

Each one of my seniors get a Welcome Guide for their parents to read and get to know me, as well as a KV Senior Style Guide that helps them design their shoot. I also always send them an online questionnaire so that I can get to know them before the shoot, as well as ask them questions that help me design their shoot to be tailored around their style and ideas. This has been a game changer for both me and my seniors! It helps us make a game plan for their customized session!

Know What You Get

I believe in simplicity. That’s just the way my brain works. I like an easy system where it is very clear and concise. I think my tribe appreciates that. One payment, everything is yours. Yes, I know…this is not typical, but I strongly feel that if you are investing in my professional portraiture –it is all inclusive. No limit on outfits,  no sitting fee, or charging extra for image files, because you know what? It all goes back to the golden rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

I ask myself every year, “Could I make more money tacking on extras or charging for image files after the shoot?” The answer is always yes, but there is always something tugging at my heart that says that if it were me, I would want all of the images for the price I paid. I think that’s fair, and I think all of my clients agree. Nothing is more upsetting when your shoot is over, but you find out that you will have to pay extra to get what you really want. You can avoid this by asking your photographer to lay out what exactly you get from their services. That way you know from the get-go what you can expect from your experience with them.

Know What You Want

What are you envisioning for your senior photos? Do you have access to an awesome location like a private airport hangar, or a lakeside dock? Tell your photographer what you are picturing so that they can do everything they can to plan and make your shoot special and customized to you. Do you have this killer idea of you with a hot air balloon, or you riding an antique bike through the streets? Do it! Photographers love fresh new ideas! Make your session stand out from the rest! Bring those colorful props, or take us to those fun locations—the sky is the limit!

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful for you!

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Learn the best tricks and tips for senior photos so that you love your senior photography experience!
Learn the best tricks and tips for senior photos so that you love your senior photography experience!
Learn the best tricks and tips for senior photos so that you love your senior photography experience!

How To Rock Your Senior Session- Learn the best tricks and tips for senior photos so that you love your senior photography experience!

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