Why Choose to Do Lifestyle Family Session?


August 12, 2019

Lifestyle family sessions are not your typical family session. They are a much more laid back, go-with-the-flow type of shoot. I LOVE these because the amount of pressure exponentially decreases for both mom and dad–and if I’m being honest–with me too! And the photos reflect that relaxed vibe.

This mama and daddy knew that they wanted to capture this little man in a fun and relaxed way. We met on an overcast summer morning, and enjoyed catching up since his sweet newborn lifestyle session–one year ago!! This little boy had been through a lot a few weeks after his newborn shoot, but seeing him one year later, you couldn’t tell! He was such a sweet little boy. His mom and dad have done an excellent job raising him already!

It’s all about play. Fun little prompts and games to get your kiddo to sneak a smile out hear and there and a fun way for the parents to actually remember the REALNESS of the little hands, feet, and caresses. Do you need any more convincing? Ok…here’s my top reasons for choosing a lifestyle family shoot over the posed Christmas card shoots that we have all grown up with:

1. Que será, será

What will be, will be. Why not embrace it? Those are those authentic moments that you will want to remember–not the forced smiles and awkward poses that you were forced into to get that holy grail of everyone looking at the camera “smiling”… If your little one blows out…not only are those epic photos, but 9 times out 10 they calm down and the rest of the shoot is full of snuggles or moments of real laughter–aka what life is all about.

2. Embrace the Realness

Whether you choose a lifestyle indoor or outdoor shoot, it is all about your “lifestyle”. It’s not in front of a backdrop that is on a rod that pulls down…it’s your real home or out in the real beautiful world. We live in one of the most gorgeous states–why not capture it?! Lifestyle shoots are meant to capture you and your lifestyle…Do you have a fun and joyful approach to life? How about a reserved and mindful approach? Whatever it may be, I love capturing each family’s lifestyle through my images.

3. No Fuss, No Stress

Anyone that has ever gotten a family ready for pictures knows exactly what I am talking about here. The stress level is up there with getting a root canal…ok, maybe not that bad. But if you’re like me, I think the hardest and most stressful thing is actually getting to the shoot in one piece–and if you show up without a stain on someone’s shirt that is extra points!

With lifestyle family shoots, they are meant to be the LEAST amount of stressful portrait sessions. Sound appealing? I thought so. Show up, whatever may have happened beforehand, and relax knowing that I have seen it all, and I have experienced a lot of stressful situations myself with two kids under 4. Oofta. And all of you with older kids–it’s still hard! They get to a point where they don’t want to be there. I feel em’. I level with them, and I shoot fast and fun–and they all appreciate that. 😉


Well, I hope I convinced you to entertain the thought of a lifestyle family session. They truly are the best. And if you’re super inclined…check out the links at the end for more fun ideas to help you have a successful family shoot no matter what!


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