Helena Montana Family Photography


July 31, 2023

Helena, Montana is perfect for family photography. From the rustic mountains to the valley full of flowing grass, a photographer is pretty much spoiled wherever they look. Want to hear a secret? Photographing families always intimidated me. I tried my best to steer clear from them the best I could, until one day I realized… I can do this!

Last week I ventured down to Logan, Utah for a photography workshop with a photographer I have always admired, BreAnne Weston. Seven girls from all over came together to learn from her techniques in business and photography, but we all walked away with new friendships and a new excitement for family photography.

I’m a recovering perfectionist. I want things to. be. perfect. That never happens with family photography. Hence, why I avoided it at all cost. At the workshop I learned to literally find joy in all the chaos, treat the session more like what it is supposed to be–REAL.

I think a lot of families tend to think, “There’s NO way my kids would behave for a photoshoot” or “I’d NEVER convince my husband to take photos for me”. Never say never! If they know they can just be THEM and enjoy themselves, leave the rest to me! I promise it will be fun!

Shane and Brett’s family shoot was just that–fun! I’m so happy they let me just hang out with them and enjoy a golden evening together! Cheers to more fun memories guys!

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