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December 14, 2018

How I Started My Spokesmodel Program

I tried a new venture this year…seniors. And guess what… I LOVED it. I mean, like…really enjoyed it. Like Christmas morning enjoyed it! I genuinely loved getting to meet so many beautiful (and insanely talented) young ladies in our amazing community.  They filled my soul with hope and excitement–after the first senior shoot, I was hooked.

It all started about this time last year. It was terrible weather and I remember I was at my kitchen bar fighting off seasonal depression when I came upon an idea from an online photography blog–creating an exclusive senior spokesmodel team of outgoing girls that are excited about their upcoming senior year. I started doing some digging and reached out to my dear friend and colleague Lindsey Day to see if she knew anyone that might be interested this crazy idea. Little did I know she would set the ball rolling for my very first group of KV Senior Spokesmodels!

How It Works

  1. About Winter Break is when I start to advertise for my KV Spokesmodel Applications. I do lots of Insta Stories and put verbal feelers out there to past seniors if they know any upcoming juniors that would be a good fit for the program.
  2. I then open up applications and look for girls who are outstanding in their community within their high schools. From athletes, to debaters, to actors, I try and choose girls that have a reputation as a leader and a go-getter!
  3. Once I go through the applications, I announce the girls I feel would be the best fit for the team and I announce them on Instagram and Facebook! I usually throw in a fun Giveaway to make it more exciting and fun!
  4. Once I have my team of girls, we can start planning styled shoots with boutiques in the area, as well as fun shoots with their animals or best friends!
  5. I use these images for advertising, but each spokesmodel gets every image as well to use on their feed or to even print!
  6. Throughout the summer they tell their friends about their experience with me as their photographer, and encourage their friends to book with me. If they do book with KVP, that senior earns $25 back!
  7. Then during the summer, each spokesmodel gets 2 full hours of shooting with just me and them, unlimited clothing changes, and multiple locations.
  8. Throughout the year we have group shoots where we have lots of fun and make some great images together. From themed shoots like Halloween, to bringing their own pet shoots, the KV Spokesmodel gets to take pictures with me and their team all year.
  9. These girls are automatically entered in to all of my giveaways during the year and have fun doing a community involvement event.

A Spokesmodel’s 1 Job

KV Senior Spokesmodels are a group of upcoming senior girls that want to be a part of a fun team that gets some amazing perks for doing one job: promoting my photography business. Their one and only job is to tell their friends and family about their experience shooting with me and refer them to come check out Kelly Van Dyke Photography.  And the best part (if you ask a “broke high schooler who loves coffee”–her words–not mine) is that they can earn CASH back with every referral that books with me. Pretty simple, but SO powerful! These girls TRANSFORMED my business, and for that–I’m truly thankful and grateful!

Mariah, Maria, Lauren, Katie, Amanda, Emily, and Taylor…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You all have allowed me to find a new love in this crazy busy world of photography and have also given me such a refreshed sense of a small new purpose in my life. I hope that I created some images that you will cherish one day (FAR) into the future that you can look back on and feel the joy and excitement of this short, yet exhilarating season of your life–your senior year!!

***If you are interested in applying to be a KV Spokesmodel, contact me here to apply!! I MAY open it to underclassmen as well in the 2019-2020 school year!!!***

A BIG thank you to my BEAUTIFUL KV Senior Spokesmodels! And my upcoming senior spokesmodel: Ryann Thomas!

HELENA HIGH: Maria Thennis, Taylor Huot, Katie Jenneskens, Emily Pizzini

CAPITAL HIGH: Mariah Thomas, Lauren Helbling, Amanda Penley

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Senior Spokesmodel Program- Learn how to become a spokesmodel and how to run a spokesmodel program.

Senior Model for Spokesmodel Program

Senior Spokesmodel Program- Learn how to become a spokesmodel and how to run a spokesmodel program.

Senior Spokesmodel Program- Learn how to become a spokesmodel and how to run a spokesmodel program.



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