Helena Valley Newborn Lifestyle Shoot


September 23, 2018

I have to be honest…I wish lifestyle newborn sessions were a “thing” when my kids were born. I mean what is better than staying in the comfort of your home with your brand-spankin’ new baby…and have images created where they all began?! You have everything right where you need it, there’s no stress to rush to a studio with all 1.4 million things you need in those precious first few days…it’s pretty much ideal.

And families are catching on to this… *Hallelujah!*

Lifestyle newborn sessions are a fun way to capture the REALNESS of new life. The shoot is genuine. The images will pull you back to tears years down the road because you will see the bags under your eyes, or that coffee stain on your shirt. That my friends, is REAL. I think the memories that were made on this shoot will bring Brenna and Levi some wonderful smiles not only the first time they see these, but also years later because we captured them on their family’s ranch, in the home they built, and under the roof they sleep under each night…

Granted I used the word “sleep” very loosely in this case…      😉

Congrats, Brenna and Levi! You now have not one uber cute child–but two!! Chase is going to be the BEST big brother! Enjoy those babies!!


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