Spring Newborn Lifestyle Shoot-Mateo


April 24, 2018

Spring was FINALLY in the air. As I drove in sixty-degree sun to this couple’s home for their lifestyle newborn shoot, I couldn’t help but crank up my radio and roll with the windows down. Anyone who has been in Montana this “spring” knows all too well it should have just been called “The Second Winter”. Yeah, as this newborn dad called snow the “S-Word”.  But there was no “S-Word” on this shoot. No, no! The sun had come out for Mr. Mateo. It was like the world was welcoming this new little boy to all of its splendor.

The minute the mama walked into the room with him…I knew I was in love! Good-ness!! His hair! His big brown eyes!! Immediate heart-breaker here, folks! And his demeanor…Ay dios mio! Mi corazon!!!

We chatted and laughed through the whole shoot. Mateo was an angel. His big brother Alex was thrilled he was here and couldn’t stop smiling. His new daddy was beaming, and it melted my heart.

There is something about new life. There’s so much hope. So much love. So much to look forward to. These two moved to Montana from Southern California in hopes for a new beginning with new adventures. I’d say with these two boys, they will have more than enough adventure! Breanna & Art…I’m serious about taking Mateo home to be my own…Anytime… 😉.

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