Winter Hospital Newborn Shoot


February 16, 2018

Valentine’s Day. She’s finally here!! I kept looking at the clock at my work anxiously awaiting the school dismissal bell to ring because I knew how I was going to spend my afternoon…meeting the newest member of my good friend Riley’s family. You’d think it was my sister giving birth by how excited I was! After the bell I left the glitter and scattered valentines on my classroom floor to rush to the hospital to meet the newest little girl in town: Charley Bea.

Now those of you that have followed me for a few years will understand how special it was for me to visit Riley and Charley in the hospital. Riley and I have had the most amazing journeys together while we raised sons together, but now we get to spoil a GIRL!!! I can see it already. She is going to be the leader of the pack. Strong. Adventurous. And from what I saw in her personality yesterday–a pretty laid-back and relaxed kind of spirit. Just my cup of tea.

Our entire hospital shoot was quiet and relaxed. We all just took her in and got to slow down and revel in the fact that this healthy baby girl had joined us just four hours earlier. Charley seemed to be doing the same. Her eyes were glued to Riley and I was lucky enough to capture it. If you haven’t experienced a newborn’s gaze…it’s life changing. She finally was able to meet her mama.

Riley was born to be a mama. Recently married to the love of her life and embracing and loving his four children and adding two of their own. She has so much love and she shares it unconditionally between them all. Riley is an inspiration to me and I know her life is now complete with a little girl that will one day be as strong as her. Congratulations Thatcher family! Charley has arrived!

Want to see Charley’s big brother? See Riley’s summer shoot with her sonĀ here!

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