6 Month-Old Winter Shoot


February 14, 2018

I’ve waited for this little man to travel half way across this planet for this shoot for the past six months. Meet my sweet nephew, Ethan.  Born in Okinawa, Japan to my sister-in-law Bethany and her Captain in the Marine Corps husband, JP. Bethany and Ethan bravely made the trip together over the Pacific to come home to Helena so that Mr. E could meet and let’s be honest…be totally doted and loved on during their stay. I’m happy to take this task on if I do say so myself.

Bethany is the definition of a #bossmom. She has completely cut out dairy out of her system to make sure her baby’s belly is fat and happy. If no one has ever tried this feat…you don’t understand this sacrifice. However, if you’re a mom reading this who has struggled to eliminate anything in her diet or has tried to narrow down the variables to figure out what is making their little one upset, it is an unbelievably difficult battle. Moms don’t get enough credit. The shear willpower Bethany has done to do everything she can to make Ethan’s first months the best they can be is so admirable. I’m so proud to call her my sister-in-law! She, like many mothers out there struggling to determine what is best for their child, is nothing short of phenomenal.

Family is everything. And the fact that our family is multiplying and making ridiculously cute babies makes my heart happy. What is better than seeing the ones you love create a tiny human that will ultimately make you belly laugh and seriously doubt the fact that you can ever sleep in again for the next few decades? What is better than squishing those delicious thighs or running your nose through their fluffy and silky hair?

Not much my friends, not much.

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