Romantic Montana Wedding – Kalispell


March 7, 2018

As wildfires scorched all around our beautiful state of Montana, these two braved the smoke-dusted sky to exchange their vows in front of their closest friends and families. Severena and Jake chose to celebrate their union on Severena’s family’s private estate outside of Kalispell, nestled closely to all the beauty that leads to Glacier National Park.

The ceremony alter was hand-made by the groom himself, a testament to the love and dedication he would share with his new bride. Jake’s father officiated the wedding, gladly joining two families to unite as one. The new bride and groom shared their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. Samuelson with cheers and excitement from their guests.

The August air was perfect. As I drove to the wedding venue I kept mental notes on where we could shoot along the way (wishing I could talk the couple into jumping in a car with me to create some epic sunset shots at the end of their day). The good news? I didn’t have to kidnap them from their wedding and drive them down the road…her family’s land was b.r.e.a.t.h. taking!

And to make their images even more impressive is the fact that the sweet bride let me wear my 5 week-old infant in a Baby Bjorn to get these sunset shots! She knew that we had been separated all day (and that my husband was on his wit’s end watching him), and she graciously invited me to wear him for the rest of the evening as I captured her special day. Let me tell you…that was one HAPPY baby! That’s why I know these two are amazing people. They put others first and share their love with those that surround them! So, without further adieu, I introduce a wonderful couple that I hope will enjoy every drop of newly-wed bliss! Congrats, Jake & Sev! It was a wedding to remember! I can’t wait to see what this life offers you two! Can’t wait to see you enjoy it together!

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