The Bond of Motherhood


December 20, 2017

Riley and I have shared an amazing journey for the past year. We both became mothers a few months apart and we have cried together, laughed together, and ached to be with our babies together. You see, we both are teachers by day, working side by side among the crayon-scattered classrooms, often time sharing anything and everything we can to get through the Monday through Friday grind of teaching kindergarten, only to be anxiously awaiting to be with our babies after work. It’s a special bond. Sleep deprived, scattered, barely making it to work on time each day, only to wake up and do it again the next day kind of bond. This bond we share has its sole foundation in the love of our sons–the ones that one day will most likely walk into the same kindergarten classroom some four years from now. And I bet you anything we will still be crying together at the door as they walk in without a look behind them. It is my hope that Riley will remember these images on that first day of Deacon’s kindergarten class. The chubby fingers gripping the weeds, his sheer happiness of exploring the tall grass he could walk through, the sweet kisses in the meadow…The nights are long, Riley, but the years are short. Let’s embrace the slobbery kisses and sleepless nights. Enjoy. Every. Moment. *Hugs*

  1. […] Riley and Charley in the hospital. Riley and I have had the most amazing journeys together while we raised sons together, but now we get to spoil a GIRL!!! I can see it already. She is going to be the leader of the pack. […]

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