Kleffner Ranch Wedding


June 29, 2021


I met Amber and Sheldon at a coffee shop in the middle of Covid-craziness in 2020. I remember being worried about making sure they were comfortable in meeting in public. What a change a year makes! I think we are all thankful for what 2021 has allowed us to celebrate so far.


This wedding had a moment that really tugged at my heart strings. During the father-daughter dance, all of the bridesmaids slowly got up from the head table and walked into the crowd. At first, I was completely confused because I had never seen anyone at any wedding take their eyes off the bride during the father-daughter dance. Soon they all came back to the dance floor with their own daddies and danced with the bride. Oofta…that moment when everyone realized what was going on was so moving!


The whole day went so smoothly and was so full of happiness. I spent a moment just watching the dance floor full of happy guests laughing and dancing and I was left in awe of feeling like life was slowing going back to normal.


Here’s to hope for a more “normal” future for years to come! Congratulations Amber & Sheldon!! May your future be full of love and adventure!

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