Montana Winter Maternity Shoot


February 5, 2020

This poor mama. She had envisioned a snowy lake maternity session. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Her February day hit 60 degrees in Montana!! We were both shocked, but we couldn’t complain!

I loved her reading her questionnaire that I sent before the shoot. She shared that they don’t know the gender of the baby, and to feel free to tease her husband about having a baby girl. That made me giggle, because I get it! Going into uncharted territories of having a girl (after living in two years of life with a boy) would be scary! I have always wanted a girl, so I am semi jealous of all of my friends that have one, but I can see how not knowing the gender could be both exciting and somewhat terrifying!

They are much stronger than me! I had to know on my first, but with the second, we made a terrible choice (add warning neon lights here). During the ultrasound with our second pregnancy, I chose to wait and my husband chose to find out. Not a good idea. Guys…NEVER do this! It lasted about 48 hours and then we got into the biggest fight ever. I just had to know! Then I was mad at him for not waiting with me. Then he got mad at me not being able to wait. We ignored our doctor’s advice and boy oh boy (no pun intended)…it turned out to be a boy.

Moral of the story: I admire those who wait to find out the gender! We could all learn something from their discipline and patience! Bravo!

Enjoy this almost Moroccan-Maternity shoot! These lake cliffs were simply gorgeous, as was mama-to-be!

Congrats you guys! See you soon for your newborn lifestyle shoot!


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