Sunrise Winter Maternity Shoot


December 11, 2019

“Are you a hiking kind of girl?” I asked. “I’ll have my boots ready!” she replied. I knew it would be a great fit right then and there.

Winter shoots are tricky. From the weather to the outfits, it’s just ot as easy as it is any other time of year. Knowing this, a lot of planning goes into winter shoots.

How low in the sky will the sun be? Will the sun actually tuck behind the mountains even if the valley still has sun? What storm front with surround us? How long will it last? Weeks and sometimes months of planning goes into each shoot regardless of the time of year, but winter—that tricky little bugger. You never know what you’re going to get.

But do you the best part about winter shoots?! The light is spectacular! The snow covering the ground creates a gigantic natural reflector that pops beautiful even light onto people’s faces and fills in the shadows that I normally have to do, either with my tiny reflector or in post-processing on my computer.

Matt and McKenzie hit the jackpot day. It was a sunrise shoot and it wasn’t horribly cold like it has been for weeks. The sun even came out and gave her that hair highlight! Ahh! That’s when I do a happy dance!

Just in the small time that I have known them, I can tell Matt and McKenzie are going to be excellent parents! Their baby girl also hit the jackpot—and she doesn’t even know it yet!

Congrats you two! Remember each other when you are in holding her. Your love created her. Never forget that.



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