Montana Family Sunset Shoot


August 15, 2019

I like this tribe. Pretty fun group. Have you ever met someone that you’re immediately like, “Yep. You’re my people…”? That’s this family. Andrea is actually a good friend of my sister-in-law, but if we lived closer, I honestly think I would jump into that friend circle and love every minute of it. And their kids? Cute. As. Pie. Love them!!

The Fox family recently moved to the Kalispell area, which in turn, makes me a wee bit jealous. One, it’s Kalispell. Two, it’s Kalispell. My family and I just got back from a week in the Kalispell/ Whitefish area and it reminded me so much of Sandpoint, Idaho. But there’s a certain feel to Kalispell that makes my heart full of joy. Maybe it’s the sprawling valley surrounded by mountains, or the depths of the pine trees that line the lake. There’s just something about it that feels like home to me.

But the good news is…now we have peeps to go VISIT in the area. Even if it’s just to grab a beer with, now we have an excuse to go up and soak in the Flathead Valley. That sounds pretty good to me.

Andrea and Kevin…I’m sure we’ll hang out soon!

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