Helena Winter Maternity Shoot


January 17, 2019

We may or may not have frozen our buns off for this January maternity shoot in the wee morning hours. Frost covered every blade of grass and blanketed the hillside below Mt. Helena to make for the most stunning backdrop anyone could ask for.

I waited in my pick up, heat blasting as high as it could go, heated seats stinging the back of my legs. I knew this shoot was going to be a bit nippy, so I wanted to soak up all the heat I could so that I could focus on giving these two the best possible experience on their maternity shoot–besides the fact that it was cold enough that we had to hold our breath between pictures so you couldn’t see our breath fogging up the air…These guys were tough!! So tough…they never. once. complained…

I should have known I was going to be blown away by this couple. Not only did I shoo their engagement shoot, but I also shot their wedding a few summers ago. They proved to me back then that they are always game for anything and they didn’t disappoint with their brisk shoot in the snow. I love it when these guys spoil me with every shoot we do. Congrats Katie and Rory!! You will be excellent parents!

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