Downtown Helena Senior Shoot


July 11, 2018

I was so bummed the day I had to cancel one of my KV Senior Spokesmodel’s senior photo shoot. But Taylor was optimistic and patient, and man oh man…it paid off! A week later, we met downtown by Silver Star and got caught up on how her summer was going and chatted about how hard the Helena High School volleyball players were working this summer.

I talked her into starting our pictures where I had never shot before (I realize now that I probably shouldn’t have said that on the shoot…haha), but she trusted me and was game for anything! My kinda girl!

She told me she went to local botiques like Poppyseed Boutique and Sole Sisters for her outfit choices (I about died inside!). I can’t stress enough what an amazing element these outfit choices made on her shoot! Not to mention she rocked every one of them!

Taylor is a natural. Modeling is so second nature and fun for her–she made my job easy! I kept looking back at her mom like, “This girl is killing it!!!” I am so happy that she is a part of my KV Senior Spokesmodel team! Taylor, I hope you have a fantastic summer! Cheers!

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