Eve Nistler 2018 Senior Session


January 18, 2018

The sun was shining on my warm skin as I drove up a dirt road that I had never been on before. The washboards bumped my 4Runner so hard that my baby woke up with a little whimper in the back. I’m not sure what made me happier…the warm sunny fall day…or the fact that the mother of my senior I was to photograph actually asked for me to bring my baby to the shoot so she could hold him. Do what I love, with my baby with me?! Heck ya!

Eve is stunning. She flat out impresses me. At her young age she had poise that not even twenty-somethings have. She was not only a gentle spirit but a beautiful one– inside and out. I have the utmost confidence she will enjoy a wonderful Christ-centered life which is so rare these days, but I found it so refreshing. It was such a pleasure capturing this young lady—I’m still reeling from our amazing shoot! Thank you Nistler family for not only loving on baby Reid, but for letting me give something back to your family!


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