Montana Sunset Shoot


June 29, 2018

The sun’s rays were finally starting to feel like summer and I was anxious to start shooting after taking a few weeks off to be with my family in Canada. I drove downtown with my windows down, radio off, and just reveled in what I have been waiting for–shooting weather!

It could have been the huckleberry ice cream, or the sweetest cuddles between these two and their darling daughter, Esmé, but this shoot is in my top favorites. These three felt like immediate friends. I admired how they were so gentle and kind in spirit toward their daughter. And one could see that she felt fully loved and happy with her mom and dad by her side. How does it get any better than this?!

We met in front of the iconic Big Dipper. I couldn’t help but gush over the sweetness in front of me. Miss E cuddled close to mama as I walked up. She gave me a faint smile and nuzzled in closer to mama’s shoulder. Soon we decided to start our walk down the walking mall. Between the hustle and bustle of the first warm summer evening, we found a spot with only doves and a few on lookers as our companions.

I just hung back and started snapping the goodness in front of me. Esmé quickly warmed up and was the perfect model. When I say perfect…I am not exaggerating! I didn’t hear one fuss from this sweet little girl the whole night! Let’s just say, I think these parents have won the toddler lottery! So happy to have met this family! It’s amazing to hear from multiple friends that they know this family and each and every one of them have raving reviews of this sweet couple and their adorable daughter! That’s when you know you have found great people! So happy for you all to join in the fun with me, Bill & Leslie! Enjoy!



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