Navy Blue and Cream Helena Family Session


January 18, 2018

I feel like I go way back with these two (BC, as my mom would always say…”Before Children”). I remember the first time I saw these guys. Lamaze Class. I thought to myself…man they are going to make not only a really cute baby…but a tall one! That was three years ago. Two kids and many texts about our journey-into-mommy-hood later…We both have two kids and both are only weeks apart from each other. And yes, her daughter is betrothed to my son (mom doesn’t know this yet). She is SO stinking cute…and those baby blue eyes!

It has been a journey [and a challenge] jumping into parenthood for my family, but I know that Mel is always a text away to listen to my sleepless night rants, and that she won’t judge me as I explain the latest humbling moment that I had in public with my two-year-old. She understands. She gets me. We often giggle at each other’s stories and always have something to share to help each other through the trials of learning how to parent.

Mel and Matt are just good souls. They were meant for each other. A true power couple. Which God knew when he ultimately had Mel on strict bed rest for over 16 weeks, leaving Mel in bed for 23 hours a day. Baby J is simply a miracle. And his smile is proof of that! This family had to go through some amazing and exhausting months that must have seemed endless. I cannot imagine what they went through, but God has blessed them with a miracle that far outweighs the hardship they had to endure.

You guys, it was a pleasure photographing you all. I’m so glad we have stayed friends over the years, and I am so excited to watch our kids grow up together in this crazy thing we call life. Here’s to many play dates with beer close by. Cheers!

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