Best of 2017!


December 23, 2017

Well–what a year!!! I love this post every year. I have gone through hundreds (let’s be honest…thousands) of photographs I’ve taken this year to pick the best images of 2017! I’ve tried to take one image from every shoot, but if I have somehow missed your shoot, please forgive me!

From shooting a wedding with my weeks-old infant in strapped to my chest (see image above!), to giggling with lots of children while laying in tall grass…I feel like it has been a record breaking year for me. I am at a loss for words for how blessed I feel. Many years ago, I dreamed of a time where I would have a photography business that allowed me to meet new friends and share laughter with old ones. A business where I could travel to capture brides and grooms share their firsts kiss as man and wife. A job that invites me into new mother’s and father’s homes to watch in awe of how they gaze with amazement into their newborn’s eyes. What job can be better than this?!


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