November Montana Engagement Session


November 8, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed this WARM November Montana engagement session. I was especially thankful that weren’t shooting in single digit temperatures with over 14 inches of snow like we had the week before. No joke. When I originally met Maeve and Nate it was in the height of our gorgeous fall color of October, and as life would have it, sickness and weather made us reschedule our engagement shoot date to November.

Enter the snowstorm that rocked Central Montana out of nowhere.

Coincidentally, it was quite serendipitous, because we moved our shoot to November 5th, which just happened to be Maeve and Nate’s 6th anniversary of when they first met! How special is that?!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this shoot, because in typical Kelly fashion–I set my shader down on the hood of my car and forgot about it during the shoot. I know…I did this a few weeks ago where I set a lens down by my feet and forgot about it–never to see it again…UGH. Well this ending was much better and much more comical.

As we were leaving I told Maeve and Nate it was missing and sure enough as we were driving home I see their silver SUV off in the distance stopped on the dirt road with Nate waving the black shader in his hands! Haha… I promised them–I really am a professional… 😉

Thanks for saving the day Nate & Maeve! You’re the best!

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