At Home Newborn Session Helena, MT


May 12, 2023

Newborn photos in home helena montana

Well, I’m embarrassingly late for this newborn blog. Oofta. After a long winter of little to no shoots, I have over 20 shoots in May alone. April was full of fun newborn shoots like this sweet one from the Galahan family.

Funny story. Last time I was in their home was for their daughter’s newborn shoot and I may or may not have spilled the beans on a major event in my life. You see, days before I arrived for her newborn shoot, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. After a failed vasectomy. During Covid. Mhm.

To say I was still in shock as I arrived at her house is an understatement. They were the first couple that I told publicly that we were pregnant because I felt like Alicia and Tony have always been close friends…and I kind of was freaking out. We had gotten rid of everything from our two boys months prior, all my maternity clothes were given away, and I was starting to breathe easier with two somewhat older boys becoming more independent. Only to find out…we were starting all over again–in a pandemic.

To be clear, every baby is a blessing. Every stinking cute-toes-buttery-rolls one of them. However, I think I was just so shocked that I cried and cried because I was scared. Scared to do it all over again and scared of something called the “Corona Virus”.

As I arrived for Alicia and Tony’s new son’s shoot, we giggled looking back on that day and marveled how FAST time has flown by. These two are the best parents…and you GUYS. Alicia said she was sick before she took her pregnancy test up until an hour after birth. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!?!

She deserves all the sweet snuggles and loves from her sweet babies. And I can easily say she’s WAY
tougher than I am!!

Congratulations, you guys! Your family is so blessed!

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