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May 2, 2023

I received an inquiry from Alexis and Colin during an interesting time in my life. I had just had an interview with a business that has nothing to do with my prior career (teaching) and I felt a little lost in life in general. Limbo if you will. Enter: the sweet ding on my phone from Alexis for a newborn shoot inquiry.

Owning your own business is an interesting and exciting journey. I have been in love with cameras since I was 5 and a photographer since I was 17, working in a studio that took my senior portraits. I instantly fell in love with the art. Too scared to make photography my career, I chose to become an elementary teacher instead.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved teaching. My parents said I would line up my stuffed animals and take attendance every morning. I taught for 13 years and just last year, I decided to pivot and take a year (or more?) off of teaching to focus on being a mama–AND a photographer.

Funny how life brings you full circle sometimes.

Let’s get back to the story. Alexis’ inquiry.

Well, I was literally about to take a job that I knew nothing about, because I felt like I needed more consistency and stability in my life. I felt like I was failing in my business and in my dream as a business owner.

When my phone gave that sweet “ding” notifying me of a photography inquiry, I did a happy dance (I always do you guys) and my heart was so happy. What most people don’t know is that all creatives can struggle (and do) with their art. Maybe it’s imposter syndrome? Doubt? Inconsistent bookings? Whatever the reason, clients are the ones who support business owners both financially and emotionally.

And that is exactly what Alexis and Colin’s shoot did for me. Because of the timing of her inquiry, and how AMAZING her shoot was, I decided to NOT take the 9-5 in an office building job and decided to follow my heart and stay on this precarious yet lifelong dream of living life with a camera in my hand.

Thank you, Alexis & Colin! You’ll never know how much your inquiry meant to me at a very pivotal time in my life! I’m so honored and thankful you invited me into your home to create these memories for you! I’ll even look back on these and remember, just how close I came to not following my dream.

For that, I thank you.



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  1. Pam Rudio-Novak says:

    Ok. I love this! Seriously! Good for you!
    We haven’t met although I think we do have some connections that you probably didn’t realize (VanDykes from Clancy were very good friends I’d my grandparents and also family in law enforcement – I think anyway 🤔).
    I just gotta say that following your intuition and using your gifts of creativity are so good for your overall well-being. You won’t regret your decision and I am certain when you follow your passion, it leads to your purpose and the money/security will follow. I really believe that is just how it works! You are a super talented photographer. Hang in there, your business with thrive!

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