Gratitude Is Everything


March 26, 2020

The past few weeks have been enlightening to say the least. It’s funny when something this world-changing occurs, we all start to get some perspective on what’s important, and what is meaningless in our lives. For many, COVID-19 has rocked our sense of “normalcy” and we are grasping at things that we can control and holding on to them for dear life. Knowing this, I find myself trying to navigate these uncharted waters with as little fear as possible. Easy? I think not. I thought I better make a list of things that I am thankful for to bring me back to reality.

Recognizing Blessings

Just think of all the things we took for granted before all of this happened! Remember when we could have friends over for dinner parties, or when you could peruse the Aisles of Target with no worries of germs? Or how about watch your kids play at a sporting event or at a local children’s museum. All gone. I appreciate just the slightest conversations with other humans now. Or even a simple smile or wave from someone driving by on my street. I never realized how much of a social creature I was until now. It’s because all of this that I recognize the small things that bring so much happiness to my life. All of which were barely noticed before. God is SO good and he always provides. I trust that he is in control!

Another Day of Life

Today is my birthday. What a strange birthday. Can’t go out to eat, can’t meet up with friends, can’t go out on a date with my husband. Instead, this birthday will mean staying home, lighting candles on a cake for just the four of us to enjoy. But you know what? WHO CARES. I am alive to see another day of life. In know there are many fatally affected by COVID-19 that would give anything for just ONE more day of life. For this I am thankful.

Unexpected Time With My Boys

I am a little different than most people. I genuinely LOVE all the time I can get with my boys. Ever since my mom passed, I realized how incredibly short life is, and I want to soak up all of the time I have with them while I am here with them on Earth. As each day of social distancing goes on, the more I realize that I should be viewing this extra time with them as an enormous blessing. I never would have had this much time with them, but now I can sit and drink a cup of coffee on the couch each morning and just watch them play as the sun pours through the windows. It’s a beautiful sight!

If we are all going to get through this, we are going to have to shift our perspective! What you can start to see as blessings instead of barriers today?!

Much love! Hang in there!



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