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March 8, 2020

I secretly LOVE the “slow season”. Typically, that is from about November through February. I use this type to rest, recharge, and dream up new and exciting ideas for my little photo business. I also attend one of the largest conferences for professional photographers in Phoenix, Arizona, where I learn from the best of the best in the world! I come back with SO much excitement and new ideas, that I work excitedly behind the scenes to bring my clients the best experience possible! This blog post is just a few of the fun new things I have in store for my KV Clients!

Online Calendar Sign Ups!

My client communication program just released an awesome scheduling feature! Now I can send my clients a link, and they can click through my calendar and choose available spots that work well for their family! No more back and forth emailing and frustration while trying to pick a date for a photo session! One click to secure the date you want! Viola! Pretty. Darn. Easy!

New Bridal Magazine Guide!

I have spent SOO much time designing and creating my KV Bridal Guide for all of my new KV Brides and Grooms. It goes over everything from the moment you get engaged, until months after your wedding day, it guides you through the whole process, how to build your wedding day timeline, what to remember while planning, and all of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past 16 years in the business! My clients can actually hold this magazine in their hands and enjoy the experience of all of the answers to their concerns is covered inside!

New Investment Guide!

No one likes to talk about money. I have now designed an Investment Guide that allows for my wedding inquiries to browse through what their investment covers. It also shows them new add-ons for their special day. No more uncomfortable questions, it’s all there and they can easily design what works for them!


I am SO excited to be offering legacy hand-made albums for ALL of my clients. I’ve never dabbled in this world before, but oh my GOSH—it has transformed my business! Now my brides can pick up, feel, and explore my studio album samples so they can choose what they want their dream album to look like!

I used to think the best day of my job is delivery day, but now it’s definitely overshadowed by the day the album arrives in the mail. To feel the weight and texture of your investment beautifully captured in an album is priceless! What a gift that can be shared and enjoyed for years! The look on my clients’ faces when they see their album for the first time makes my heart swell. There’s nothing better!

New Senior Style Guide!

I have revamped my KV Senior Style Guide! I have created a new style guide that is JUST for seniors! They can see what their senior experience will be like from beginning to end, as well as read all of my tips and tricks that allow you to have the best experience ever! With new ideas and suggestions that worked best with last year’s seniors, my upcoming seniors get ALL of my knowledge in one spot so that they can relax and LOVE their senior photography experience with me!

Updated Website!

With fresh new images (and some of my all time FAVES) plus a new about me section, my viewers have an easier and clearer experience with exploring my website. I wanted a natural, clean, and joyful feel to my website where my viewers could easily enjoy getting to know me better. Pretty pictures are great, but over the past few years I have realized that the RELATIONSHIP with your photographer is the MOST important part of your photography experience. I wanted to attract my ideal client to my website that likes my personality, photographic style, and my slightly embarrassing excitement when we make magic together (my husband says I should reign in my excitement, but I can’t help it! I squeal with excitement!).

I’ve also updated my website with a promo video for seniors! Now you can watch me behind the scenes on a HUGE styled senior shoot. Viewers can see if they like how I interact with my subjects, watch to see what it’s like to shoot with me, as well as see how much fun our shoots can be! No awkward, stiff situations where you are second guessing your senior photographer choice!

There are SO many things I love to do behind the scenes during the slow months, and I’m so excited to share them with my 2020 KV clients, but I am also SO excited to start shooting again! Here’s to a fun year full of new beginnings and awesome experiences! 

Any questions! Feel free to ask any questions directly to my email at kellyvandykephotography@gmail.com! 

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