Athletic & Stylish Senior Session


August 2, 2019

Talk about talent! This girl is an athlete! I have heard so much about her from coaches I work with, and they all say the same thing–she was born to be an athlete! Let’s just say I had to use Julio the Stoolio the ENTIRE shoot…she’s just about half a foot taller than me. 😉

From her downtown shoot that had a rustic urban feel, to a VERY windy rural field location, Abby was all about it. Never complained a bit. Not even with the 30 mph gusts that could have made her experience less-than-desirable. Nope. She was all smiles and had a great attitude. I bet she learned that from sports. Sports makes you tough, well-rounded, and best of all–strong. Not only physically but mentally. That’s what I loved about Abby. She made the most of her shoot, Beyonce wind and all!

I loved this shoot. From her downtown feel, to the wind-blown portraits in the country, Abby’s images speak joy and excitement for her senior year. That is EXACTLY my goal. I want seniors that are excited for their senior year, ready to take on the world! That’s this girl!

Congrats, Abby! You have so much to look forward to this year and beyond!

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