Downtown Helena & Sleeping Giant Engagement Session


June 2, 2019

Dustin and I go way back. Well, let me restate that, Dustin and my husband go WAY back. They were best buds in high school (and still are), and Dustin was even in our wedding. I’ll spare you our wedding photos–let’s just say I was wearing bright orange Rocket Dog tennis shoes under my gown…lol. Realllll classy, I know. Brides…learn from my mistakes: Think about how your wedding images will ALWAYS be on your walls in your home. Will those bright orange shoes go out of style? Yup. Will those bright orange shoes match anything in your home’s decor? Nope. Hey, the upside is I was sure comfortable all night though!

Dustin and Jen met me on a rare 75 degree day in late May in downtown Helena. I thought the top of a parking garage downtown would be super fitting for this power couple who own the prosperous Goldrush Management, a property management company that has allowed me to see and meet t  some of the most amazing people in this town. Dustin hired me as his property photographer nearly seven years ago, and he has been such a huge supporter of me and my family for years!

It is because of this history, that I was so excited for this engagement session. Dustin and Jen make my heart happy. They support each other, encourage each other, and most importantly–laugh together. I strongly believe in the phenomenon of couples that laugh together–stay together. I’ve seen it over and over again. And these guys have it!

Hope you two enjoy the countdown to your special day this August! I am SO stoked that we caught the sunset at the sleeping giant! I’m anxiously waiting for your film scans to come back so I can add them to this post!!

Dustin, thank you for being such a great friend and supporter. You and Jen mean the world to our family!! Love you guys!!


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