Snowy Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Session


November 14, 2019

I shifted my 4-Runner into 4-wheel drive as I turned onto Ali and Brent’s road. The snow was softly falling as my windshield wipers tried to keep up. Snow-covered pine trees and quiet homes with porch lights on lined the country road as I made my way to meet 4-day-old Sawyer.

As I drove up their quiet driveway leading into the woods, I kept thinking about how incredible this will be for baby Sawyer to grow up in such an amazing location. From climbing trees to adventuring over boulders, Ali and Brent’s property was in all sense of the word– remarkable.

I parked my car outside their wooded home, and before I could even reach the front door a familiar face greeted me with a smile. Ali’s mama welcomed me inside and I knew immediately that I was in a home away from home. I love it when I feel like a part of the family on my shoots. Isn’t it weird sometimes how you just mesh with people? I love that part of my job. It happens so much it makes me feel so honored to join a family for a few hours, and I leave feeling like I’ve gained more family members. Can’t have too many, right?

As the snow fell outside, I devoured the home-made cookies I was served during the shoot and we captured Sawyer in all his buttery goodness. From his tiny fingernails to his luscious lips, he was the most perfect little subject. You two have created perfection, Ali and Brent! Nicely done!!
I hope you two drink in his goodness. Breathe in his beauty. Nibble on his tiny toes.

Take it all in. He’ll be running through the woods soon enough.

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