Summer Newborn Lifestyle Shoot


July 30, 2019

I’ll be honest, I anxiously wait for newborn inquiries. I love getting my secret baby fix with capturing baby toes. Yes, you read that right…toes are my weakness. Those little toes make my heart flutter. This newborn lifestyle was just that–full of those moments that made me giggle and just soak up the moment. I do have to say, however, that Miss Gemma (Kelsey and Daniel’s pup) almost stole the show. Check out the last picture for my favorite shot of the whole shoot. It says it all!

Now, let’s just be real here. Mr. Lewis didn’t want to sleep a wink at his shoot. He knew that there was a lady with a clicking black box in his face and he wanted to be awake to take it all in. I didn’t mind one bit. He was so alert and inquisitive. I love that learning starts so early. I could just picture this little boy thinking about the world around him, digging his fingers deep in muddy holes, climbing wild trees…He is going to be all boy! I am so excited to see him grow up and experience many adventures!

Congrats you guys! You are now on your BEST journey yet! Enjoy every minute of it!

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Ok… So now for my favorite one…Caption this from this pup’s point of view:

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