Helena Engagement Session


February 21, 2019

Engagement sessions in winter can be interesting…and fairly painful… That’s why you have a car (running with the heater full-blast) about 10 feet away from you at all times. Then, winter engagement shoots are not only bearable, but OH so worth it!

The light in winter is a soft even light due to the snow being a natural reflector. There is no other season like it. The images come back creamy and dreamy, and it is all thanks to mother nature and all of her beauty! If you’re looking for a photo shoot to create timeless images for your home–winter is it–if you can brave the cold.

These two not only braved the cold–they didn’t complain once! They were all about twirling, walking, and giggling–all the while we were all freeeeeezing!! I’m so excited for their May wedding!! Hopefully it will be much greener–and WARMER!



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